A short note on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day <3
I’m not in favor of Valentine’s Day if it’s confined to the concept of love of a girl and a boy. Not ’cause I’m so religious or fundamentalist but ’cause this concept limits the scope of Love. Also I’m not sure whether this day is celebrated to SPREAD LOVE or just for ‘Making Love’.
If it’s really about Love then it must have a broader meaning beyond ‘Dating’. For we have a lot of reasons to love a lot of things.
Love your Family (1st Priority)
Love your Family(2nd priority)
then love all other humans who value humanity. Love animals who’re the only, other creatures who we interact with. Love the nature if you want the nature to love us back(Keep the planet clean). And love everything that your conscience tells you to do with, for the conscience never agrees to something which’s bad.When we all will learn to love, hatred will fade away. Then every day will be a Valentine’s Day.

(I wrote this short note in hurry. It could be expanded and elaborated further in future)

Dialog Between Imran Khan And Hakimullah Mehsud

IK: Hello Hakeem
HM: Hi Immi
IK: What’s new, Any plans for some new fireworks?
HM: Yeah, we’re very much in practice
IK: Means more blood! ah I love red but beware of Drones Borther.
HM: You need not worry dude
IK: Come on Hakeem why not! You’re like a brother to me
HM: No Immi, You ain’t cuz if you were my brother, you’d have joined TTP instead of being part of a “Western” System #Democracy #Kufriyah
IK: Oh Hakeem! You’re so innocent. You’re not aware that I’m here to protect your interests. You know that I’ve never condemned you for the sports you play. Lol You can assume PTI as TTP’s political wing :)
HM: Are you fuging kidding me?
IK: Look! This is the best way to fool these stupid Pakis.
HM: But How Immi.
IK: Listen! pakis are like a bunch of confused and scattered morons and it’s very easy to hijack their minds. I’m moving forward step by step so that they could not perceive my real design. Me You, You and Me, have same goals bro. A radical #pakistan. Isn’t it bro?
HM: How will it work?
IK: It will work like #SleepingPills or #SlowPoison. We’ll implement #Shariah without letting them know. We’ll banish all #Christians, #Hindus #Ahmedis. We’ll crush #Shias.
And above all, I’ll make you the Ameerul Momineen of Pakistan.
HM: Wow! Sounds cool. But again! You’re part of #Democracy. I have one more objection.
IK: What’s tat!
HM: You have only MOM DAD BACHAAS in your party. I know all of them have secular ideology. How come they’ll support you to for the Implementation of #Shariah
IK: hahaha Hakeem! Look even you can’t understand my strategy. This is the best way we can keep them quiet. You know I made Burka compulsory for girls in KPK. No MOM DAD Bacha objected that. They now take me as the 2nd Che Guevara and accept whatever I say. It was the first step and a signal for you that I’m actually going with your plan. Genius, Isn’t it.
HM: Hahah You’re such big asHhole. Intelligent move.
IK: Look! It’s only to deceive Pakis, I’m actually one of you. You tell me have I ever said anything against you?
HM: Your cool Immi
IK: Every time when you’ve blown a mosque or a church, I’ve convinced these dumb people that Hakeem and his company are good guys (Good Taliban) and they’re only doing this in reaction of Drone Strikes.
HM: While we are doing this to destabilize Pakistan and ultimately take full control over the country. haha
IK: haha And I’m in complete agreement with you. Do you remember how I mutilated Pak Army’s Image and broadened the gulf between army and the Nation! Now every other person hates Pakistan Army.
HM: Not Pak Army. It’s NaPak Army.
IK: LOL True but I can’t use this term openly. ;)
HM: I know My Dear Brother.
IK: Plus I’m working hard to get all the parties on the same page for TALKS with you guys.
HM: What talks?
IK: Negotiations Bro
HM: I don’t want any Negotiations Immi. Now that’s ridiculous.
IK: Oh Hakeem! Come on . Negotiations will halt the military operation and you’ll get enough time to reorganize and speed up your actions.
HM: Man! Now you’re trying to be smart. That’s not the truth
IK: That is reality bro. Believe me. We have to go for Negotiations
HM: No way! I don’t even accept Pakistan’s consitution
IK: I’ll do something to solve this too. But Negotiations……
HM: Stop it. No negotiations until the constitution is amended as per my instructions
IK: It’s very unlikely to be amended soon. But I promise I will do something for that. Negotiations???
HM: I said No. Why don’t you understand.
IK: But Negotiations will….
HM: Shut up you NUT. One more time you say “Negotiations” I’ll smoke YOu.
IK: But bro ! Nego….
HM: ASh-HOLE get the fuch outa here. You’ve gone Nuts.
IK: Listen… let me explain! Nego….
HM: You son of a…….. Bring my dagger Ehsanullah.. Allaho Akbarrrrrrr
IK: OH Mama.. Run
:) I’m fuging confused. Now Even I don’t understand my strategy .
But still #Negotiations #Negotiations #Negotiations :/ ;) :( :;) :o

Lal Mosque Reminder

[A few lines as reminder]
While the Black People at Red Mosque(Lal Masjid) were busy in harassing people around, setting shops on fire, kidnapping and torturing people, the government didn’t take any notice. The only reason the government didn’t act was to get the opinion of general public, media, politicians and others.
The media and some politicians started blaming government for being SOFT to the militants.
Residents of Islamabad complained about the delay in operation. There were processions in Islamabad arranged by civil society and there was a frenzy in the media to pressurize the government into action.

You Forced Gen. Musharraf to take action against the Lal Mosque People

But after only 6 years YOU forgot all this and started doing very opposite to what you did in 2007.
Now you criticize Gen. Musharraf for taking action against Lal Mosque Thugs, criticize him and ask the current government to hold him solely accountable for Lal Mosque Operation.
Such a pity! What a Nation which can’t even remember what it wanted 6 years back and what it wants now. How could be expected from such a dumb nation and what could it want for them in Future?

You Are a Bloody Slave

Slave Minds

Slave Minds

To be called a ‘Slave’ one doesn’t necessarily need a ‘Master’. Slavery is a state of mind that instils in most vulnerable minds and completely rules their ‘Being’. Their bodies may be free but their souls are enslaved/imprisoned even if there are no masters left. They live with an everlasting fear or obsession of their rulers.

I am not sure about Indians but it is a fact in case of Pakistan that we have the most vulnerable minds. Our thinking/point of view is easily driven by anyone. We happily accept  the orders and think the way we are conditioned.  If we are religious we are told that Religion is in danger and you need to sacrifice. Thus killing hundreds of innocent people irrespective of Old ones, young ones, women or children in the name of Holy War. If we are secular then we are made sure that religion is the root cause of every evil. It seems like religion supports killing of innocent people, discourages education and usurps basic human rights. Above all, as supporters of a particular political party, we blindly follow the leaders/Politicians and let them use our emotions as a part of their political campaign. We never dare to ask them ‘Why?’. As commoners we are good at feeding our minds with what Media tells us. We never see the other side of the picture rather stop our thinking where we are asked to. Be it, a Religious leader or a political one, they are up to consume our sentiments like a toilet paper and flush it down after wiping off their bottoms. I even wonder whether we are a nation or a bunch of ignorant people without any personal opinion who do not give a damn about their own problems but show keen interest in those matters which they have nothing to do with. As an example I refer to Twitter where I got astonished to see a trend(#RoyalBabyNames) at the top which really bothered my ‘Thinking’. It was about a baby which didn’t even come out in this world. I wonder how lucky is that baby who hits the top of the trends in Pakistan while millions of those already in this world especially in Pakistan are struggling to survive. But nobody gives a damn about whether they  feed or starve, have cloths to wear or naked or even live or die.  Saadat Hassan Manto writes in one of his essays :

“Those who are commonly called Leaders, perceive Religion and Politics as a cripple or an injured person and use them as beggars so that people would be more sympathetic and drop a penny in the bowl. When these ‘Leaders’ say Religion/Country is in danger, they actually lie.”

These ‘Leaders’  only want to cash your ignorance. They know that you have given them the responsibility to ‘Think’ or make opinion on your behalf. Until and unless you do not do your own thinking and take interest in your own problems they will keep on assuring you that something is in danger and it can only be avoided by your sacrifice. Thus making you a slave without letting you know that you are at their servitude. We all need to be more worried about our own problems and form our own opinion instead of importing it from Leaders(Political/Religious), Media or any other source. We all need to rethink whether we really ‘Think’.

Advocates of Freedom of Thought/Speech

Freedom of Speech“If no country grants him(Edward Snowden) asylum then Taliban will go for it. It will be a great loss to US in terms of more expected leakages of secrets. Before this idea come’s in Snow’s mind, any country should voluntarily offer him the asylum otherwise it will be disaster.”

This statement looks quite non-serious or lacking insight of the international politics for apparently it is not possible for Snowden to hide somewhere in the tribal areas of Pakistan as did Bin Laden. This statement, from no angle is controversial. As per my personal opinion this option may be in his mind.The question here is not of whether the statement meets logic or not. But when comes to expressing your views with freedom it holds true at least from my frame of reference.

I posted the above quoted lines in a comment at Guardian’s story “Edward Snowden withdraws Russian Asylum Request”. After receiving a couple comments from so called patriotic Americans condemning Snowden for treason and shunning me for luring him to join Taliban, the comment was removed by the moderator of ‘The Guardian’. The moderator’s message told me that my views violated their community standards. Woah!

I didn’t see it coming from the ‘Biggest Advocates’ of Freedom of Thought/Speech. Those who entitle insulting others, offending beliefs and blaspheme the religious figures, as freedom of speech could nott digest a one liner comment which is somehow against their policies.. It is true hypocrisy or may I call it the monopoly of such lobbies to define freedom of speech according to their own interests. And any view/idea/concept that meets their pre-defined criteria of freedom of thought/speech, is legal otherwise a crime.

If being realistic and criticizing the cruel policies is a crime or violation of any standards, then where goes the freedom of thought/speech concept?

I Learned!


  • I learned  that I came alone and i have to go alone.
  • I learned people are only with you when they NEED you otherwise they ain’t.
  • I learned Extra care of anyone by you, will ultimately bring a blame for you, not appreciation.
  • I learned, a simple LIE of your close ones can break you more than anything.
  • I learned  it’s very hard to cry alone when there is no shoulder to support you.
  • And I learned, Love yourself and Love people BUT Only when you can do it without EXPECTATIONS.

Shina Idioms

Shina is one of the most under-researched language, spoken in Gilgit and some Indian territories like Ladakh and Kargil. As a language I rate Shina as very rough language but when it comes to idioms, I feel like it would have been the language of intellectuals someday in the history. Here I’ve shared some of the Shina Idioms and tried best to translate them somehow. This blog will be updated whenever I remember a Shina Idiom. Right now this it. :)

Shina: Goter Lupay Majiter Lupay

English: Charity begins at home or First eat then feed :P

Shina: Do sewus par sewet sewo thai

English: A blind person calls you, Blind or a stupid person calls you stupid (Sarcastic)

Shina: Yanspur Khanejo ga gao, Malai Panejo ga gao

English: To struggle to get something unnecessary, you risk what you possess and ultimately lose both..

To make it a bit simper to understand,

“Na Khuda he Mila na Wisal-e-Sanam,

Na Idher k Rahay Na udhar k Rahay” :p

Shina: Chayai donn Kunuwer

English: Women are like a labyrinth. Hard to understand

Chaxtr goom wiga tu goom pachay.
Sharai wiga tu sharai pachay.
He who would sow well must reap well.

uoont har ray galing.
It is no use crying over spilt milk.

chuno manozxo bado ne bo bado bo tu kafar baye.
much cry and little wool.