The Fear Was True

I am worried ‘she said’
That one day, in life
I will hurt you so bad
I smiled and said
you have the kindest heart
and the softest tongue.
the most beautiful face and the most enlightened soul.
You can never hurt me.
and how can you hurt me so bad?
It’s nothing but your fear
for fear has instilled in your heart because of what the time has offered you in the gone days.
Now, is a new day, new time.
I am here to heal your wounds and diminish the fear from your heart.
Show you the light of hope and happiness.
Once this fear is gone, you will realize that you are not gonna hurt me
you are not gonna hurt anyone.
And I am not gonna hurt you. And no one is gonna hurt you.
A perfect life is awaiting us. A life full of smiles
and laughters.

But who knew

That she was right. </3


The Tree House

Note: I wrote this during my Intermediate exams while I was a naive(even now 😉 ) in writing

but fascinated by “Robinson Cruisoe and William Shakespeare’s “Tales from the Shakespeare”.

Episode 01

I was overwhelmed by the fake faces of people and the fear of failures. My soul was enslaved by dark thoughts and I had lost the aroma of life. I wanted to emancipate myself from this state and run way away from this world.

One day I decided and made my preparation. I was determined but at sea because I was about to start my journey to a new world to which I was completely stranger. Anyhow I left with nothing in hands, only me and my quest to achieve my dreamed serene life. I traveled miles on land, passed through ruthless deserts and crossed mountains. Ultimately I reached on the brink of the world. While I was about to cross the boundaries of this world, an old woman with wrinkled face and grey hair stopped me by pointing me with her stick. She slowly stepped towards me with a sack tied around her back. Then she took an axe out of the sack and said:

“Seek your fortune beyond this boundary. Avoid what entices you until you are under the Grand Rock in the Pine valley. Behind the Grand Rock a sleek white horse will be waiting for you. The horse will take you to a lush green valley without your guidance.”

The old lady then told me that when you find yourself under the Grand Rock wait for a moment till u hear the horse neighing.

After giving me all those kind advices the old lady went away. Eventually I crossed the line I got a shock and lost my energy. I fell down to a ditch which was so deep that it was almost impossible to get out of it. It further had tunnels sideways. I was confused which one I should choose because all the tunnels were dark and alike. But my confusion was over when I saw cat coming out of one tunnel and I presumed that this tunnel has an end. I entered the tunnel and started moving ahead. It was complete dark and the track inside the tunnel was zigzag but smooth. I was so scared and at some stage hopeless to reach the other end. I stopped there thinking that I am on the wrong way. I should go back to the ditch and climb up by some means.  While I was thinking all this I heard a deadly roar. I couldn’t see anything but two eyes shining like a torch. It started coming towards me. I was desperate and helpless against such a monster.  It was ugly and its smell so agonizing.  When the monster was on my head I remembered the axe which the old lady had exclusively given to me along with the sack of tools. I showed it to the monster. He went aggressive at me and threw me like a pebble. All this was happening in the dark. Now I was so exhausted and injured too. Eventually the old lady appeared again and stood beside me as if she’s guarding me against that evil creature. She pointed her stick towards the monster. He kneeled down just as if he’s obeying the commands of his master. The old lady then put her hand on my forehead and said:

”My son this path belongs to you not! You shall endeavor to find a new path of yours or get back to the world of humans. I’ll help you get out of this dark path and take you to the place where I met you earlier. But if you are committed to carry on with your journey you must have valor, patience and courage. May the SAVIOR of all protect you.”

I thought I better find my fortune myself and bid farewell to the old lady again.

I was badly injured but had to go back to the ditch. I dragged myself to the ditch scarcely. Now I had to choose one of the other two tunnels. One of the tunnels was wide and open but the other was so small that one could hardly enter into it. Meanwhile I felt immense hunger and sat down by leaning back against the wall of the ditch. Due to bleeding from the wounds I had no energy. I felt dizziness and fell asleep soon. I slept there for almost two nights. When I opened my eyes  a long haired  fairy was in front of me with deep beautiful eyes. I was ceased by her extraordinary beauty. She then with her beautiful smile offered me milk and venison of the deer. I couldn’t move my hands because of the injuries infected to me by the monster. My shoulder was still bleeding and I felt my left leg paralyzed. The fairy then felt my pain. She fed me herself the venison of the deer and milk. I felt a strange power in my body. Now I could move my hands and legs too. She then with her delicate hands touched my wounds one by one and all at once the wounds were gone as if there weren’t any. I looked into her eyes. They looked like a threshold to the heavens. I got myself lost in her eyes. She smiled and said:

“My Lord ! I’ve been sent from Boinal Valley by the Queen Shutuki to help and serve you. She’s the queen of beauty, more elegant and charming than all the fairies. She’s kind hearted and generous. She’d like to see you in her court. Let me escort you my Lord.”

For a moment I wondered how beautiful Queen would have been, because the fairy who was telling me about the Queen’s beauty herself was a perfect creation of God. I couldn’t wish for more than this because I had been through a terrible situation earlier. I was so anxious to see the Queen.

The fairy grabbed my hand to help me stand up. We entered the wide tunnel and moved forward. She asked me to pace up. Her voice was getting rougher with every step.

I suspected my hearing and thought it’s because of the echo in the tunnel . A strong beam of light illuminated the tunnel. What I saw at that moment was horrible. The fairy who was with me had turned into a dark black witch with red eyes. I was terribly frightened. She tried to snatch my sack of tools.

She said:

“Hand it over to me lad if you want yourself alive. Otherwise you’ve no other way out.”

I freed my hand from her and took out the axe. In the mean time I heard the voice of the old lady. She reminded me of what she had told me not to listen to anything until I hear the horse neigh under the Grand White rock. I repented my forgetfulness. All these troubles were just because of not obeying to the orders of the old lady and not sticking to my aim.

I was sure that the old lady would come to help me again. It gave me confidence enough to fight the cruel witch.

The black Witch flew towards me. I targeted her head and threw the axe. The axe did a magic trick. It cut off half of her face and flew back to me like a trained eagle. My second hit chopped her head off. The beam of light eventually vanished and the old lady appeared with a lamp in her hand. She angrily said while walking towards me:

“Careless fellow Don’t you remember my words that you are not supposed to talk to anyone or give a thought to what moves you away from your destiny”

I had already realized my fault but wondered a question. I asked the old lady that why didn’t she come for my help this time. She said:

“Remember! When you are on your way to the ultimate goal of your life, do not trust everyone and never rely on anyone. It’s you who is trustworthy and it’s only you who you can rely on. “

These words, I wrote in my heart and pledged to remember these guidelines ever in my life. She further continued:

 To be continued…

A regret that pleases me

Spiritual Happiness

Spiritual Gratification

Most of the time we think about our past and regret how remorselessly it has treated us and say ‘Wish it had never happened’. But since it has happened we have to accept it as a reality and try to find out some positive aspect in it. Remember! A person only finds what he has thought of before striving for. They say if you dig for stones you will get stones and if you dig for diamonds you’ll get diamonds. We can find a joy even in the most rueful moments of our lives. This joy may be because of a sacrifice which you have done for somebody else and it makes your inner gratified or it may be because you have practically known that losing what you had wished for was actually better for you than to achieve it.

On September 6 2010 I along with my friend (Hassan) took Daewoo bus from Abbottabad to Islamabad. I was happy and excited not only because of semester break (Holidays) but the main good reason was being able to go back home after long 6 months. Above all I was going to attend my sister’s marriage which was to be held on September 8 in Gilgit. One can understand how important is it for a brother to be there while bidding farewell to his sister.

We reached Islamabad in the evening and stayed at a friend’s apartment. I was at sea because I had Air-Tickets but were not confirmed so I was supposed to either get them confirmed or try my luck on some jump seat. Next morning we rushed to Islamabad airport (Benazir International Airport) and asked a junior, who we met on the entrance gate, to keep our luggage until we get our tickets enlisted for ‘Chance Seats’. I stood second in the queue and my expectations were optimistic until my junior came to me and said ‘Waqar Bhai’ we’ve got a problem! I ignored him and waited for my number but he came to me again and whispered in my ear ‘They’ve found bullets from your bag’. At that moment I was hard-pressed because my hopes to reach at my sister’s marriage were fading away. I went to the ASF guy who was searching my friend’s bag and asked him about the matter. He said “While scanning the luggage we have found three bullets from this bag”. The ASF guy continued his search of that particular bag while I stood wondering how the bullets got in the bag. Friend was so worried as his face was depicting it clearly. We told the ASF constable that we have no idea how did the bullets get in our luggage and that we’re going back to our homes on holidays. But it is never a valid and satisfactory argument for an ASF constable. He took out the bullets and hid behind his back as if he is trying to save us from any further misadventure. I thanked him and asked friend to zip up the bag meanwhile he asked us to wait for a moment. He went to the security intercom and called the Inspector. Eventually they took us to an investigation room and recorded our information. The Inspector after confirming about the bag asked to take my flight and let my friend be further investigated.

It was the most difficult time for me to decide because I wanted to attend my sister’s marriage at any cost but at the same time I couldn’t desert my friend in such difficult time. I could take my flight and get back to home safely but I decided to stay with my friend. I had to act like a true friend who even sacrifices his happiness for the sack of friendship.  Anyhow he was then handed over to police and I went along with him. He was taken to Airport Police Station Rawalpindi where he stayed behind the bars for 14 hours and then was released on bail. Anybody believed us or not but we are still wondering where did those bullets come from in his bag.

If I had flown that day then for the whole life I would never be able to even walk before him and I could never be able to face him again. The point is not of boasting about the sacrifice for a friend but it’s about a kind of inner gratification which you achieve after making any sacrifice. Though I regret that I could not make it to my sister’s wedding but when I think of being there for my friend in a difficult time I replace the saddened face with a SMILE. 🙂