The Fear Was True

I am worried ‘she said’
That one day, in life
I will hurt you so bad
I smiled and said
you have the kindest heart
and the softest tongue.
the most beautiful face and the most enlightened soul.
You can never hurt me.
and how can you hurt me so bad?
It’s nothing but your fear
for fear has instilled in your heart because of what the time has offered you in the gone days.
Now, is a new day, new time.
I am here to heal your wounds and diminish the fear from your heart.
Show you the light of hope and happiness.
Once this fear is gone, you will realize that you are not gonna hurt me
you are not gonna hurt anyone.
And I am not gonna hurt you. And no one is gonna hurt you.
A perfect life is awaiting us. A life full of smiles
and laughters.

But who knew

That she was right. </3


A regret that pleases me

Spiritual Happiness

Spiritual Gratification

Most of the time we think about our past and regret how remorselessly it has treated us and say ‘Wish it had never happened’. But since it has happened we have to accept it as a reality and try to find out some positive aspect in it. Remember! A person only finds what he has thought of before striving for. They say if you dig for stones you will get stones and if you dig for diamonds you’ll get diamonds. We can find a joy even in the most rueful moments of our lives. This joy may be because of a sacrifice which you have done for somebody else and it makes your inner gratified or it may be because you have practically known that losing what you had wished for was actually better for you than to achieve it.

On September 6 2010 I along with my friend (Hassan) took Daewoo bus from Abbottabad to Islamabad. I was happy and excited not only because of semester break (Holidays) but the main good reason was being able to go back home after long 6 months. Above all I was going to attend my sister’s marriage which was to be held on September 8 in Gilgit. One can understand how important is it for a brother to be there while bidding farewell to his sister.

We reached Islamabad in the evening and stayed at a friend’s apartment. I was at sea because I had Air-Tickets but were not confirmed so I was supposed to either get them confirmed or try my luck on some jump seat. Next morning we rushed to Islamabad airport (Benazir International Airport) and asked a junior, who we met on the entrance gate, to keep our luggage until we get our tickets enlisted for ‘Chance Seats’. I stood second in the queue and my expectations were optimistic until my junior came to me and said ‘Waqar Bhai’ we’ve got a problem! I ignored him and waited for my number but he came to me again and whispered in my ear ‘They’ve found bullets from your bag’. At that moment I was hard-pressed because my hopes to reach at my sister’s marriage were fading away. I went to the ASF guy who was searching my friend’s bag and asked him about the matter. He said “While scanning the luggage we have found three bullets from this bag”. The ASF guy continued his search of that particular bag while I stood wondering how the bullets got in the bag. Friend was so worried as his face was depicting it clearly. We told the ASF constable that we have no idea how did the bullets get in our luggage and that we’re going back to our homes on holidays. But it is never a valid and satisfactory argument for an ASF constable. He took out the bullets and hid behind his back as if he is trying to save us from any further misadventure. I thanked him and asked friend to zip up the bag meanwhile he asked us to wait for a moment. He went to the security intercom and called the Inspector. Eventually they took us to an investigation room and recorded our information. The Inspector after confirming about the bag asked to take my flight and let my friend be further investigated.

It was the most difficult time for me to decide because I wanted to attend my sister’s marriage at any cost but at the same time I couldn’t desert my friend in such difficult time. I could take my flight and get back to home safely but I decided to stay with my friend. I had to act like a true friend who even sacrifices his happiness for the sack of friendship.  Anyhow he was then handed over to police and I went along with him. He was taken to Airport Police Station Rawalpindi where he stayed behind the bars for 14 hours and then was released on bail. Anybody believed us or not but we are still wondering where did those bullets come from in his bag.

If I had flown that day then for the whole life I would never be able to even walk before him and I could never be able to face him again. The point is not of boasting about the sacrifice for a friend but it’s about a kind of inner gratification which you achieve after making any sacrifice. Though I regret that I could not make it to my sister’s wedding but when I think of being there for my friend in a difficult time I replace the saddened face with a SMILE. 🙂