The Fear Was True

I am worried ‘she said’
That one day, in life
I will hurt you so bad
I smiled and said
you have the kindest heart
and the softest tongue.
the most beautiful face and the most enlightened soul.
You can never hurt me.
and how can you hurt me so bad?
It’s nothing but your fear
for fear has instilled in your heart because of what the time has offered you in the gone days.
Now, is a new day, new time.
I am here to heal your wounds and diminish the fear from your heart.
Show you the light of hope and happiness.
Once this fear is gone, you will realize that you are not gonna hurt me
you are not gonna hurt anyone.
And I am not gonna hurt you. And no one is gonna hurt you.
A perfect life is awaiting us. A life full of smiles
and laughters.

But who knew

That she was right. </3